Ripped Upon My Heart – A Poem

Since I decided to center my A-Z entries around my life, Here is Chapter  “T” of the April A-Z Challenge T for Truth

Truth is:

Sometimes  – and I am living proof of this – it takes a couple of decades, at least, for the heart and the mind to process the grief of a divorce…to reconcile anger and love.  And so the next time – I believe in giving myself second chances – next time,  my love and my heart were wiser.

Here’s a poem I wrote, and posted here, about two years ago.  About my divorce (20 years earlier)… and over a decade into my second marriage.   Yes, I was born married 😛

Ripped  Upon My Heart

What hurts
is that we spent all night crying
on the sofa aching
and the dog puked
and there went
thirty years
of two lives.
When I think

I hear your voice
grating up against me now,
I remember
lights I wouldn’t see
and flags flapping
ripped upon my heart.


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