All Better Now – Journal Entry

frogs-1234585_640I’m not feeling well.  The cast is off my arm and I’ve been to physical therapy etc…arm seems fine…7 weeks post break.  all that rot.

I have a horrible headache past two days.  I don’t usually have a headache.  (or any ache)  I put myself on a heated neck shawl thing.  Heat in the microwave thing.  I’ve wrapped it round my neck.  Just as I write this, I’m breathing better.  Perhaps it’s a spring allergy thang 😦

I just went to check on you and to tuck you tighter into bed.

“Wake me up when you come to bed,” you say.

“I will,” I whisper against your sweet cheek.

“How is your headache?” you ask.  You’re groggy.  Semi-sleeping.

“Better,” I say.  My lips brush against your forehead. Then, you are sleeping.


photo  via pixabay

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