Caring For The Nests We Love – Journal Entry & Poem

junco sparrow eggs***  My husband’s (known as ‘you’ on WP) daughter is having some sort of hip surgery this coming Tuesday.  To correct the shape of the bone…is how she’s explained it.  An odd assortment of caretakers – you included – will stand guard over her on the surgery day & for a week afterwards.

***  My best girlfriend has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I can’t define the way this has affected so many of us.  She’s on a 6-hour chemo regimen every three weeks for several months.  Then radiation.  Then surgery.  She is Jewish.  The medical team believes – from biopsy -it is an aggressive cancer that some Jewish women can have a gene for.   I will take her for genetic testing and her 2nd chemo treatment this week.

*** We are nest watching again this year!   A beautiful sparrow has built a nest and laid and hatched her eggs in one of our balcony ferns 🙂  All of the eggs are hatched.  The mommy bird is hiding out in our Norfolk Island pine 🙂  She’s such a good mommy, too.  Sometimes, I go to the balcony and coo and whisper to her what a good mommy she is.  Then I quickly retreat.

I am always in awe of what Nature can teach us:

Caring For The Nests We Love

To watch
and care
and bare ourselves
to the unknown
to wait and hope
and love
the moments
to build a nest
holding us all
so close
this day
we pray.


photo via pixabay

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