Sweet Josephine – Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  please follow little froggy for more stories.

Oh my gosh!  I want to add some background to my story…This particular dome holds all sorts of signifigance to my heritage…my family leaving France and my love of Napoleon Brandy and a bar, in the French Quarter, called The Napoleon House – a few doors down from my parents’ old home long ago…and I toyed all around with this and I wanted to go somewhere else with it…historical, yet modern.  And this is where my research led me…

the photograph and my story:

the chapelSweet Josephine

Josie liked fancy things, fancy men, and lace.  That’s part of the reason she married Beau.  The other part of the reason was she loved Beau.  No matter what people thought, later, they’d loved each other.

Beau loved children.  Josie loved them, too, just not as much as Beau.  Once they married, that’s all Beau talked about.  Their kids this.  Their kids that.  Sad part is, Josie and Beau could never have kids.

Years later, people were still speculating over why they divorced.  Beau remarried and fathered 5 children.  Josie never remarried.  She had several children, too.  Some say they loved each other until the day they died.


photo via TJ Paris

7 thoughts on “Sweet Josephine – Fiction

  1. Great story, Ellespeth! Josie and Beau continued to love each other throughout their lives. I wonder why they couldn’t have children together but Josie could have children when she and Beau were not together anymore. (So I am assuming with other men).


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