About This Book I’m Reading – Journal Entry

window-587606_640Right now, what I want to record has to do with a book I’m reading.  It’s not a book I would have gone out searching to read.  However, it was somehow mentioned during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week.  I think some famous director is going to make a film about this book.

Fingersmith it’s titled.  By Sarah Waters.  I’ve read that BBC did a series from the novel.  So who knows?  It sounded mysterious so had put it on my Kindle.  I may watch the series after I’ve finished the book.

It’s very scary (to me – so don’t expect blood and guts…I hope)and dark with lesbian and some sort of dark sexual tones.  I’m one-third finished the book.  An unexpected twist has taken place!

I was talking to you about it and you said these sorts of books are popular right now.  Erotica is “openly mainstream” now.

The writing is well done.  It’s mesmerizing. Draws the reader in almost instantly.  I’m a very impatient reader.  Maybe that’s because I write micro-poetry and 100-word fiction.  I want to escape quickly  and this book has done that for me.  I hope I’m not disappointed…

I’ll have a quiet day tomorrow.  I’ll continue reading and come back with more when I’ve finished.


image via pixabay

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