When We Ate Marshmallows – Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  please follow little froggy for more stories.

Here is the photo and my story…time again for Buck and Sissy 🙂

marshmellowsWhen We Ate Marshmallows

When Buck finally found me, I was playing Roulette and eating marshmallows from a bag. Sometimes,  I’d been dropping a marshmallow into my drink and then sucking it into my mouth like a stuffed olive. The palm trees, outside the casino – and so out of place here – swayed in the cold winter’s wind.

“Sissy,” Buck whispered. “Everyone’s been looking all over for you all day!” He put his arms around my waist. He wasn’t scolding me.

I plopped another marshmallow into my Pina Colada.

Buck kissed my neck. “Miss Scared of Everything standing in a gambling hall playing Roulette?”

I twirled the marshmallow around in my drink and plucked it out with a cocktail umbrella. Just as I was going to put the liquor coated marshmallow into my mouth, Buck said “You’re pretty gross if you eat that.”

The marshmallow was just between my lips. I laughed. It flew from my mouth and onto the spinning roulette wheel.

“I guess I’ll have one of those too,” Buck said as we ran from the casino.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Nonnaci. Thank you Nonnaci for our prompt photo!

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