When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – A Journal Entry

tree-1334609_640It’s not that you’re patronizing me.  That’s something my mother’s generation (back in the 50’s) used to say to defend their beliefs or when they felt they were being belittled.

So it’s not that.   I don’t think you would knowingly patronize me when you know how much I hate it.

What is it called when I say that there was another terrorist attack today so what the eff is going on with that these days and you say there have always been terrorist attacks and all those other horrible things you read about, but we can just read about more of them these days?

Sometimes I think you’re trying to comfort me and protect me and somehow make me feel safe.  I love that about you.  That’s cavalier of you considering you’re from Los Angeles.

I don’t want to be comforted. I want to tell you that there was another terrorist attack today and yesterday and the day before and for you to be as shocked and horrified as I am.

And no, I don’t think you’re cold-hearted.  It’s just difficult to believe we can react so differently to world and political happenings.   You’re so logical…getting from a to b this way so  x can =y and then it all makes sense.

And what about when stuff doesn’t make sense?  I guess that’s when the comforting and protecting stuff comes forth.  And that’s really so sweet but it doesn’t make anything make sense 😦

I probably should read this first but…I won’t be sensible 😛

Love you more,


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6 thoughts on “When Life Doesn’t Make Sense – A Journal Entry

  1. There are so many things happening in the world and it is so hard to watch the news day after day and continue to hear bad things happening, but no real solutions. We eventually have to tune it all out…to keep our sanity! But, on the other hand, we need to keep up with things that are going on as it will affect our lives and some things we need to be prepared for.


  2. That sounds similar to my reaction. It’s closer to a numb apathy since, as you said, there tends to be a violent event today, yesterday, and the day before. Many people have a limit to such things and when nothing changes, they just get apathetic to it. Not a conscious decision, but one just can’t muster the shock and horror from before. Part of the reason is that the media is obsessed with these events and will bombard us with information for days. Most of what they say is the same thing too. Think of it as eating your favorite food every day. There will come a day where it doesn’t have the same impact on your tongue. This is just me though.

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    • That’s one reason I’m glad I haven’t had a television in almost 20 years. That’s one way I control becoming over saturated with news. I read the news once a day. David reads the news once a week or so 😛
      I’ll be passing by your blog over coffee in the morning.


      • The thing is that I don’t watch the news. I get bombarded on-line since I see headlines on Twitter and FB while I’m working. Unless you step away from technology, it’s almost impossible to avoid it.


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