Pendulums – A Journal Entry


I put this on private for a few hours, today, because I had to absorb yet…next chapter, same verse…

I hate election years.  I read the news more often.  Who said what about whom?  Do I believe it?  If I believe it how do I feel about  believing it?

And, because it’s an election year and I wanted to read about the non-ending of Emailgate, I saw an article about Louisiana.   My hone state.   Headline read something like: COPS KILL BLACK MAN IN BATON ROUGE.

I have all these sorts of questions going on for myself…where would we be without cops?  when someone is killed, does it matter what color their skin is?  racism exists on both sides of the fence.  when does the pendulum even out?


3 thoughts on “Pendulums – A Journal Entry

    • Really, it is PJ 😦 and more again in today’s news!
      I’m learning why my parents – in the 60’s – censored our news consumption. I guess there’s always been horrible news going on…


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