Just On The Tip Of My Tongue – Fiction

Just a piece of while-washing-the-dishes-prose:

Just On The Tip Of My Tongue

cat-1461372_640It was like that spirit, come again, from way back when remember? Come to lift me up and away. Cradling me and cooing that old song, now just on the tip of my tongue.

Our cat is licking away the tears on my cheeks and cooing gently. Her private cooing. On a higher realm than purring.

You are there, too, somewhere close wondering – I guess – what more you can do other than kiss me and murmur something insane about love.

And then, whatever it was passes. I sense everything and everyone around me. In my mind, we purr with our cat. The sun is shining. This is what one must do. Get on with it.


photo via pixabay

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