That Lost Sense of Direction – Journal Entry

hippie-932791_640Oh my goodness!  Your bro doesn’t know how to get to the reunion lodge.  Your Beverly Hills niece has two tweenies and ‘the day has slipped away, can you buy my food stuffs’, thingy going on tonight 😛

I think it’s sorta cute.  Being from the South (and Catholic), I can’t understand how it can be so complicated to bring 12 adults and 5 kids together for a weekend.

Now you’re on the phone.  You’re giving directions to avoid the two horrible fires.  Sigh.

I keep telling myself that it’s okay  for us to have this reunion when two horrible forest fires are taking place between your brothers and yourself.  I keep reminding myself that I’m from New Orleans and that we get on with life during the hurricane season…and all…

It’s so much easier to accept the ravages of Mother Nature than those of terrorists.    If one is at all lucky, one can outsmart Mother Nature. That’s just how I feel.

Of course, more when I return.  Totally loverly 


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