That Old Elephant In The Room – Prose

elephant-964898_640Sometimes, I miss having a television.  I haven’t had one in 20 years.  But I still miss it…sometimes.  I’m thinking of giving in and maybe watching some television shows online.  I’m throwing myself open for any suggestions any of you might have for a 65-year-old poet/writer/activist/married and divorced and remarried and childless woman.  I’m not a fan of blood or violence and that sort of stuff.  I like documentaries and stuff like that.

So go for it…just be kind 😛


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16 thoughts on “That Old Elephant In The Room – Prose

    • I’m 18 minutes into Downton Abbey…something historical…already, the costumes and the ironing of the newspaper to dry the ink. My goodness!

      Oh! Yes! I’ve just checked. So many more Ken Burn’s pieces since the Civil War Series. I loved that one. I’ll watch more. Thanks for suggesting.

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      • No worries — would love to hear how it’s going now? There are a few story lines that are stretched, and one in particular several seasons in that made me almost stop watching it altogether, but I hope it’s entertaining for you 🙂 I really like the behind the scenes when they discuss how the historians looked at small details to try to keep the setting as time-period-specific as possible!


    • Yes. I’ll start with Downton Abbey – lol Charles. I was discussing this with my gf, during her chemo today, and she is the one who told me it was Downton…I guess when I read articles about it I put that extra ‘w’ in there too.

      But that’s the one I’m starting with. Thanks for suggesting it.


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