And Days Like Today – Musical Memories

piano-1522853_640After 8 months of thinking 2016 – and turning 65 – was gonna be one of the few years of my life I’d hate, it seems today turned a corner…I’m scolding myself for being so impatient.

Just now, I’m listening to George Winston’s Summer Album.  I can’t decide which moves me the most, the cello or the piano.

50 years ago, in my tweenies, I took piano lessons.  Throughout my life, as a writer and a secretary, I’ve been  grateful for those lessons in posture and proper hand alignment to the keys.

I can carry a tune and a secret until death us do part.

My piano teacher was an old bitter nun.  She was horribly bitter and mean with a ruler.

That’s when I decided not to be a nun when I grew up.  There are days, of course, when I long for the solitude of nothing to do but write and pray.  There aren’t too many of those days, though…so I’m likely to have been some bitter old nun instead of having choices.

I like George Winston, though.  He has a familiar style.  Mesmerizing.  Sometimes that’s comforting – and days like today.


photo via pixabay

3 thoughts on “And Days Like Today – Musical Memories

  1. I’m sorry to hear your piano teacher was so strict. I’d have loved piano lessons myself, but all I got was tuba lessons. My teacher was nice and never hit me with anything, but I really wasn’t very interested in the tuba. I wanted to play the guitar or the piano. (At a pinch, I might have settled for an accordion.)


    • Oh I’m chuckling at this comment and remembering living next to a little boy whose parents had him taking tuba lessons. I’d be coming home from work, exhausted, and he’d be next door practicing his tuba. Oh dear!
      Being a Cajun, I love the accordion. They’re heavy, though.

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