Upon Reading: A Pre-Review

pencil-drawing-416438_640I don’t usually do book reviews here… but I shall, soon, do such a review on Behind Closed Doors by  B.A. Paris.  So far, horrible.  I’m screaming/moaning so much you’d  think I would do best not to continue.  But I will.  Reading something I just can’t stand suits the premise of this adolescent book.  Sigh.

Author goes by the name of B.A. Paris.  So far,  I wouldn’t use my full name either.


image via pixabay

4 thoughts on “Upon Reading: A Pre-Review

    • I haven’t read that book but I see, quick look up, he knew – perhaps in passing – Hemingway. Soldiers, both of them…
      I have often attended book club meetings without reading much of the book and not said a word. It’s interesting to hear people defend a so called ‘classic’. But then I’m odd that way.

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