Somewhat Prepared for Something or Other – Journal Entry

Oh.  My.  Gawd.   A year or so ago I left my car unlocked and, of course, that was the night thieves decided to patrol our outdoor parking lot.  There wasn’t anything exciting in my car, but they pretty much took anything that looked interesting.  Like the baggie with my insurance and car registration in it, and the sealed box in my trunk.

I was shocked that someone would take the box containing our emergency preparation items!    Food and water for two for three days.  I guess they thought it was some expensive Amazon order I’d left in my trunk.  Well tarp them 😛

We’ve managed to collect, once again, food and water for three or four days.  Another sleeping bag.  Tarot cards.  The Bible.   A set of  Runes I made long ago. A rosary.  A  satchel of knitting .  A change of clothes.  Some sort of battery thing that will let us use our laptops to let people know we are okay.  Copies of important papers and all that crapola.   And – gasp – pajamas!

I might throw a can of Spam in there just to feel like I’m in Louisiana, still, and preparing for a hurricane.

I don’t want to put all this in my car again so we’ve put it in the rolling basket we use when we walk to the grocery:

Me:  I guess I should roll this to the front door every night?

You:   But why?

Me:  In case we can’t get to the study to get it.

You:  If we can’t get to the study, we won’t need it.

Me:  Oh thank you for that positive thought!

Now I’m exhausted.  But I feel like we really accomplished something grown-up.


6 thoughts on “Somewhat Prepared for Something or Other – Journal Entry

    • Our cars are parked in an underground parking lot! I’m thinking just to park mine in the outdoor parking lot and let his stay underground 😛 We are discussing putting the stuff in my car again. Sigh…

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    • Nothing drastic happened but…we’ve been through this before…the earthquake, the walls making odd sounding moving noises and all and me wanting to run out outside and himself saying “stay where you are! don’t move! if we go outside some tree or anything could fall upon us.” nothing fell – anywhere. i’ll put that on some magical side of stuff.

      I believe in being prepared – for food and spirit 😛


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