When Your Man Is Sad – Prose I Guess

I’m not able to read many blogs much so far this week. You see…my man is sad and he needs my intrusions into his silence.  He just doesn’t know it right now.

It’s like this:

tomorrow is the last morning we will watch this little two-year-old  three mornings a week.  We’ve watched her since she was four months old.  We watched her older brother, too,  from one year to three years.  And the older sister we’ve watched too…during summer months…between camps.  So  –    this family has been a significant part of our lives for the past 4 years.  Such a very sweet family.  One imagines the kids are so sweet and respectful – most of the time – because their parents mirror to them such behaviour.

We will still be watching children during two weekly morning mommy’s day out sorts of things.  But there are still those other huge three-day morning gaps to fill.

Which we have done.  You are going back to your pottery studio group and I am dedicating those hours to writing – and only writing.

The hard part is letting go of this little family – especially for you…sigh.  So the parents gave us a schedule of days schools were out and they had to work and we will watch the kids on those days.  At least once a month.  Sometimes twice.  And five mornings a week next summer.

So that is good.  By the time next summer ends, you will be almost 76.  Maybe you’ll be a grandfather. And we’ll still have those two mornings a week with the mommy’s day out thing.

It’s just so very important for us to keep emotionally and  physically occupied during our retirement.  Stuff that interests us individually and stuff that interests us as a couple.  And the fact that we do stuff we value that brings value to kids, is meaningful to both of us.

You’re complaining that your shoulders ache.  Sigh.  I’ll go serve you some chocolate pudding and give you a shoulder rub.  You’re not the type to talk much about your feelings.  I know you’re sad.  I know you like chocolate.  Maybe you will smile at least.

I’m so sad for you.  You’ve such a tender heart  😦


3 thoughts on “When Your Man Is Sad – Prose I Guess

  1. Change is so hard and it is sad that there will be less time spent taking care of kthe children. I hope your new activities will help with the transition. I understand how you feel because I kept our granddaughter during the day most of the week for over five years and it was hard when things changed. But, like you there were lots of times to take care of her when she was out of school or her mom went on a business trip. Adjustment takes time, but we do find ways to do it. Bet wishes to both of you. 🙂


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