Those Days I Go Crazy

Those Days I Go Crazy    (maybe a poem title, too)

Tomorrow is my self-proclaimed donut Monday! Have I ever said how much I love donuts? And that I have limited myself to one a month for over 30 years? Or that I tired of cronuts after having two? Or, just tonight…

Me: Oh! Tomorrow is donut day   (add a clap here)

You: What kind do you want?

Me: I’m not sure. I’ve read there is a new donut craze nowadays.   Do they have ‘new item’ signs at the donut store?

You: No

Me: Hmmm…ya never know, it could be healthier.

You: The only way it could be less healthy  is if they added arsenic.

Me: Hmmm…so what kind are you getting?

You: I like the fried apple fritters.

Me: Hmmm… (silent giggle)


3 thoughts on “Those Days I Go Crazy

  1. I had a ban on donuts, but I’m trying something new there is no such things as bad food. I’m just one of those people if I try to restrict myself I’ll end up binging and descending into the 10th level of hell.


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