The Next Four Days

Thanks for following the next four days of my life…

Beginning tomorrow, I have four solid days off.  I’m determined to write a short story or an outline or an idea…

Some sort of ideas for the first story of my short story collection:

The way I want things to work is that there will be several stories with interweaving characters or even an interweaving theme/place. Something like that. I’ve practiced the flow and connection with my Sissy and Buck flash fiction pieces but…I don’t want the finished work to have anything to do with Sissy and Buck.

Some of my favorite authors who have done this brilliantly are Ellen Gilchrist, Joyce Carol Oats, John Cheever and Elizabeth Strout (Olive Kitteridge). I want to set my goals high – to strive for something meaningful to time and place and yet still universal threads weaving.

Well, of course, all I have to do is to simply begin with one friggin 1500 word story and some sort of daily schedule only broken under penalty of…I’d say death but that seems rather harsh for both of us.

I certainly don’t want a rigid schedule so the one I can live with – for the next 4 days – would look something like this:

10AM to 3PM – write save original copy of the work

3PM to 8PM – time off – walk to market and cook and be with my main man

8PM to 11PM – read the day’s work and make some editing notes/changes onto a 2nd copy of the work. NEVER ERASE THE ORIGINAL WORK!

This schedule works well because you are back at the pottery studio or hiking for the next 4 days. Oh well…the best made plans, right?

And when I find it, I want to put one of my sonnets up here about weaving things together…it’s an important creative image in my life.

I am also editing 50 of 434 poems…

I had a dream about Donald Trump. I don’t remember it,  but I woke up groaning.  I certainly hope I gave him a piece of my mind 😛

I held a little 3 month old baby this morning.  Oh my gosh!  The softness of everything baby smiling up at you…  It’s almost an unbearably happiness overload.


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