That Not Knowing Stage

Short daily update to a self-made story deadline:

I guess I’ll do a daily entry about my quest to write a short story: 

Day One:

I’m going nuts thinking so much.  Wondering.  I’m thinking about short story form – not only the beginning, middle, end parts – story form in general and all of that flowing perfectly stuff so that the beginning and the middle and the end is like a brush stroke.

So, if I go from there then…the force of the brush changes here and there. And that would be build up and build down of emotion – like a sonnet’s form. Like a myth, maybe.

Ugh! Within 1500 words or so?  I guess we’ll see about all of those parts.

Now I’ll go read about writing short stories to see how close I am to figuring this out.

It’s not like I’m questioning myself…  Not at all…I haven’t even figured out what to write about.  I’m still at that dangerous stage of not knowing.  I’m warning myself that the abyss is near. 

Tomorrow we are making a wonderful chicken noodle crock pot soup.  It will be the start of October…my favorite month of the year – the slightest chill. 

I wrote a poem, but that doesn’t matter right now.  Just something else to edit.


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