Twilight’s Thread – A Poem

Here’s that little weaving poem that was a sonnet and then I changed it around so it may no longer be a sonnet…g’nite:)

Twilight’s Thread

Because the loom of time and space
entwines its soothing silken yarn
between perplexing fringes frayed,
does not prevent my brief return
to long abandoned faded folds.
I tumble back, against the nap,
and feel familiar patterned ways
confine me in discordant scenes
with broken symbols, pulled so tight
I can’t discern
the energy that gives them life
in frequent fitful slumbering.


2 thoughts on “Twilight’s Thread – A Poem

    • Thanks! So now I’m trying – I think this is the exercise…1000 words a day. I haven’t actually read the instructions yet, so I’m not sure if the 1000 words have to make sense to anyone but me – let us pray.


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