Our Little Experiment – Day 4

Day 4

Beginning day 4 of that 4 day ‘nothing-to-do-but-write’ experiment. Do you want to know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned that I have huge issues keeping promises to myself. This is not news to me. I was raised to it. I was raised down South during transitional times for women. That’s putting it nicely, but I guess you understand.

It might not work for us to work together in the same room. Different but same sort of issue. We happen to like being in the same room with each other. Problem is, it’s distracting to me. So, beginning tomorrow morning, I’ll work in the study. I can close the door and put on headphones and have any music I please and not have to hear things going on around me. I’m extremely sound sensitive.

In my opinion, things aren’t going well. I have come up with two possible story ideas that would fit into a series of stories. I mean ideas, okay? Like a possible title and then a one sentence premise. Is that what it’s called? Premise?

Well, I’m just about to find that out, aren’t I? I’m getting ready to read a book about a writer’s life and then, at the end, are all those interesting parts about what the different story parts are called. I’m happy. I figure it’s going to be some sort of nostalgic journey sort of book. It’s supposed to give some ideas about scheduling the day and some awful chapter about writing 1000 words a day!

Sounds like a horrible chapter! 1000 words in one day. I haven’t read the chapter yet. I’m wondering if the 1000 words have to make sense? When am I supposed to write them?

So I’ve told you that you are absolutely not to talk to me tomorrow morning. And that I will let you know when I want to talk. This is just in case I get to that chapter tonight and find out it’s one of those write when you first wake up sorts of things. Gawd! I hope not!

So that’s it! Moving into day 4 of a writer’s life. It could be going worse, so I’m hopeful.


One thought on “Our Little Experiment – Day 4

  1. Honestly, it sounds like the usual progression for a writer. Things typically have a rocky start, especially when you add in distractions. I’ve had more scheduling plans fail than succeed, which I figure is part of the path. Good luck.


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