What We Don’t See – Fiction

Yay!  PJ is back over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!  While she was gone, we had some pretty wild parties on her blog…but we cleaned up after ourselves 😛 Welcome back, PJ, we missed you and are happy you had a restful vacation with the grand kids and all 🙂  Thanks for hosting this for us ♥  please follow little foggy for more stories

Here is the photo for this week’s writing challenge and my story:

What We Don’t See

If anyone were to ask me,  “C’mon now, Ellie, what’s your most favorite room in a house?”  I wouldn’t think of just any room in any house,  I’d think of Aunt Lucy’s kitchen.

Aunt Lucy lived in the cottage behind my cousin Brenda’s house.  Whenever Brenda had a family BBQ,   Aunt Lucy and I would sneak back to her kitchen.   When I was younger,  we’d sneak back for hot chocolate and warm cookies.   When I was older,  we’d sneak back to spike our cola with Kentucky Bourbon, or maybe for a snifter of brandy.

She treated every inch of her tiny cottage like prime real estate,  even her kitchen shelves were perfectly organized.  “What’s going on with her?”  family members would ask.  “Anal retentive,”  someone would reply.   Then they’d leave the room to laugh at themselves.

The kitchen remains. It’s aged like fine Napoleon brandy now.


25 thoughts on “What We Don’t See – Fiction

  1. Aunt Lucy’s kitchen sounds like a wonderful place. Those family members who called her ‘anal retentive’ should have taken the time to know her better. Lovely story, Ellespeth. 🙂


    • I’m glad to hear that this piece engaged you…I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to do with my writing, but I think I’m getting closer to it.
      Thanks for passing by to read and for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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