Rosebuds & Vases


your rosebud vase

We have just had a week of condo improvement.  In other words,  a week from hell.  Junk man. (we purged our storage closet and junked a clunky desk) Vent cleaning man.  Carpet and floor tile/grout  cleaning/sealing man.  Good lordy!  We’ve sanded kitchen cabinets and bought/put up an antique mantle and wooden fire screen thing in our living room.  We have  these LED flickering candles atop the mantle.  Ambiance, right?

You brought home some lovely pieces you made at the pottery studio.  An unusually glazed one rosebud vase (see photo, brag, brag)and two medium planters.  The rule is that I get first dibs on your pottery pieces.  I chose the single rosebud vase.

We cooked a delicious chicken breast dinner with roasted sweet potato wedges and a salad.  Then we –  quite literally – collapsed.

Me:  I’m absolutely not doing anything tomorrow.

You:  Are you going to be writing?

Me:  No!  I’m going to be fucking my boyfriend.  (insert smirk and a giggle  here)

You:  (insert priceless expression here)

Me:   Can we have French Toast for breakfast?

Now Winter can come,  sometimes  shining through our spotless windows  🙂


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