Quality Time Together – A Poet’s Life

Sometimes I can’t breathe when I read about this election. You seldom read the news. I read it each day. I’m glad we don’t have a television… so afraid for my country. I agree, change is needed.  Just don’t want that change to begin with the beliefs of Donald Trump’s world view.

My main question, when I’ll be voting, will be…who can lessen the hatred overtaking my country? And I just don’t think that Donald Trump can lessen hatred. And I’m just not sure about this Hilary email crap and am just so glad it’s her emails being investigated and not mine!

So you and I enter this pre-election weekend somewhat at odds. You would vote just to keep someone else from winning and I don’t know if I wanna do that.

We are having a dinner party tomorrow evening. My bet is, no one will discuss politics. I shall wait, until after the main meal,  to see if the election is mentioned at all. If it hasn’t been, I will mention it…for Gawd’s sake!

Still later today… we are stuffing manicotti for our dinner party. We are listening to Joan Baez on the stereo:

Me:  I think I’m gonna vote for everything except for President.

You:  Of course you have to vote for President. Don’t be silly. You must vote so Trump doesn’t win.

Me:  I just don’t know what to do. It’s horrible. Trump may be connected to Russia – who apparently wants Trump to win – and Clinton…sigh. All this just now coming out.

You:  It makes sense for Russia to want Trump to win, because he is the weaker candidate.

Me:  Oh no! Of course! You are absolutely right!

I hate these sorts of conversations where you suddenly make a point I hadn’t thought of before.


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