All Hunkered Down – An Opinion

Though I thought differently two days ago, I’m  not back here on WordPress, yet.

It’s just so shocking to me that a man, who was taped saying that if a man is  rich and famous he can grab a woman’s pussy and that is okay, is going to be the president of my country.  Really, you know?   And his wife is going to make her cause internet bullying?

This is beyond my comprehension, thus, I’m not reading or posting here for a while.

Thought this would be a good time to read Echoes of Family by Barbara Claypole White…it’s a book about someone with a bipolar illness. It’s about someone else’s reality. It’s a roller coaster I’m not really riding.

We’re hunkering down, hoping the next four years pass by quickly.


Ellespeth  ♥

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