When You Watched Me Sleep – A Love Poem

i have been in hospital and skilled nursing facility since 2/7.  i’m going home with 24 hour care tuesday.  tripped on a small block while watching the church kids.  broke right tibia, knee, wrist.  some surgery already.  more to follow in a few months.  so it will be a long slow recovery.  more sometime next week…maybe even a fiction challenge.  meanwhile, a short poem:

When You Watched Me Sleep – A Love Poem

I asked you to go home
to rest
to dream
of other days
and smiles,
but you said
you wanted to watch me sleep.
we let ourselves
be sentimental
just for a moment or two.


7 thoughts on “When You Watched Me Sleep – A Love Poem

  1. this is beautiful and sweet and makes me melt – how lovely for someone to want to be sentimental with you. there’s a march madness challenge to nominate 5 blogs we read that touches us to be inspired, and I am nominating yours – no obligation, but you would like to participate just copy and paste this link to spread little love in March. “I’m nominating you for That’s So Jacob’s March Blog Madness! It’s simple: find five interesting blogs today, copy and paste this comment, and give them a follow! Have a great day and if you’re so inclined, visit http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com. Have fun spreading the blog love this month!”

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