😷 So…this is the TO BE EFFIN CONTINUED PARTS of my stint in the skilled nursing facility cuz I EFFIN BROKE  SOME BONES PARTS…

1.  My first roommate died.  She was 94.  She was a hospice care patient. It took me awhile to realize she was there to die…I’m still processing this..

.2.  My second roommate had some sort of sepsis wound!  Then, she developed pneumonia

3. I had my second ~ of three ~ ‘meltdowns’…

4.  My discharge was delayed.

5.  Another meltdown.

6.  I came home 😃

7.  My new computer crashed.

8.  My tablet crashed.

9.  My 24 hour caregivers are fantastic!  They are teaching me ~ by sharing their own life stories ~  what it means to be strong and thankful.

10. I have a new tablet!  😊

Hopefully … I’m  back…  I miss everyone…


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