Players ~ Flash Fiction

Here is my entry for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.  Please forgive this messy intro.  Link below does work to other stories


Most summers, while I was growing up, Mother and Father would go on some island cruise or other and ship me off to Aunt Lottie’s and Uncle Herman’s for a month or so.  The highlight of my visit was always the weekend of the town’s fair.  That’s when the oldest house around would be open to the public.  Members of The Daughter’s of The American Revolution, and their families, would dress up in circa Revolutionary and/or Victorian Era style and mainly do nothing but hang around posing in an elegant manner.  Admission was free.

I loved those summers, and Aunt Lottie’s voice promising a sweet treat later, and Uncle Herman sneaking me sips of his  Mint Julep right under the watchful eye of old Aunt Prisclla’s portrait.

“Always turn the music’s pages with a sense of authority,” Uncle Herman would say as he sat at the player piano

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