When You Just Don’t Want To ~ Fiction

Oh my good God! for those of you who don,t know, I fell and broke the entire right side of my body on Feb 7.  spent a month in a rehab and am home still recovering and trying to use a tablet.  so there for that.
Here is my submission for  Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers and the photo.  Thanks to Yarnspinner for the photo and to PJ for the challenge!

When You Just Don’t Want To

I would suppose, of it all, that most of the ‘breathing in, breathing out’ parts don’t matter.   Only thing is, though, all the crap matters.

What do you mean?

Other than breathing, not much.

Can you tell me where you are right now?

It’s all rotted.  I can’t catch  a hold.


I don’t want to…


But it’s snapping in my mind…


My arms are aching.  It all seems so rotted now.


One thought on “When You Just Don’t Want To ~ Fiction

  1. Yes, I have felt like that at times! Like I just can’t hold on anymore. Great story Ellespeth! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident! Bless your heart, I hope you are much better now. I have deleted the story that is about the last flash fiction challenge.


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