Incompacitated – Diary Entry

I’m still stumbling through life … I guess I’m semi-incompacitated. And time will tell if I spelled that right or not. Not a word I often use…incompacitated. Oops it’s incapacitated. Oh well, at least I looked it up and didn’t wait for spellchecker. I must have been thinking of paying income taxes!

For those of you following this saga of ‘recovery from a very simple fall leads to possibly 9 months of…(I’d say ‘shit’, but you can choose your own word for chaos.)’, this is the third and a half day without my having 24 hour care since Feb 7th. . As a matter of fact, I’ve had no outside care at all since Thursday evening.

My sweeter half, and I mean that literally, has been my total caretaker these three days. I have tried to help him, as much as possible, but…and yet, we discuss our progress as a couple. That we are a team. That we have won the exhausting battle of these last three days.

It has been a great strain for us to have someone – totally unknown to us – in our home 24 hours a day. It would be bad enough if we knew them. I will attempt, in future flash fiction and micro poetry pieces, to expand upon this feeling of strain and exhaustion and the different characters and moods involved.

I’m thankful to my caretakers. Even I haven’t wanted to take care of myself sometimes, lately.

I’m not here – on wordpress – much. I’m reading lots of books. I’m tired and uncomfortable and cranky 😦


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