Post Grocery Thoughts

Three months since my injury.    (See here for more about that)   Some minor set backs and some major steps – literally – forward.

I’m walking, a little bit, without the leg brace.  I can get in and out of the shower.  Physical Therapy is brutal and painful – and that’s just the arm.  Friday we begin therapy to the leg.  Arrrghhh!

We went to the grocery today.  Another first.  We brought my wheel chair and then…right there at the door, we saw one of these:

“That would be fun!”  I said as you whizzed me by it.

We laughed and spent an hour shopping for your birthday dinner ingredients.  You’re going to be 75 Friday! More on all that later.

I’m thinking about writing a novel.  I’m gathering notes and photographs and all.  Mainly letting what I have in mind take on some sort of other life.

It’s going to be a struggle.  I write micro-poetry and flash fiction.  On the other hand,  it’s not like I have anything else to do for the next 6 months or so…I have to figure out how novels are written.  I’ve begun to read with a writer’s mind.

Hopefully, I’ll have an entry for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  If not, please click the link to read stories.

Here, also, is a link to my fiction blog…it’s not very organized but some of you might like to visit.

I’m off now…mainly stopping by to say ‘hi’…


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