A Discovery In The Middle Of The Night – Diary Entry

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A Discovery In The Middle Of The Night

This is an update on my Feb 7 fall and broken right side of body injury. It is a Vente Vent. Unless you want to know me better, you are allowed not to read this.

I’ve laid awake – most nights lately – trying to visualize a way I can use my laptop and continue my blogging and:
1) Not have my wrist touch anything hard and/or not soft around the edges
2) Not have my elbow touch anything hard
3) Align my back so that it is comfortable with this
4) Be sure the arm spread and the back thing align
5) Keep my right leg elevated above my heart

Hahaha! Piece of cake. I’ve cheated on the elevation part but not by much. And so, aren’t you lucky, here I am once again.

I’ve considered leaving WordPress. If I can’t keep up with people, whatz the point? But, I want to stay and see my way through this with people following my recovery and my writing and my life. I guess in that order.

Most of my energy is going into my recovery from tripping on a child’s tiny bristle block. I feel I need to write more about that and how depressed I’ve become from being homebound and hounded with medical care.

I don’t want to have a meltdown here but…I sense one approaching.

This is all my wrist will take today.  I’m hoping to submit a piece to FFAW tomorrow.  ‘We’ll’ see.


7 thoughts on “A Discovery In The Middle Of The Night – Diary Entry

  1. Ellespeth..I’m so sorry you are having a difficult recovery. Please know that I am thinking about you and hope things change for the better soon. I’m happy to hear that your husband is supportive and don’t worry about keeping up with everything on WordPress….it will still be there and your followers understand. Take your time and and try to just take a day at a time. Best wishes to you.


    • You’re right about Word Press. I’ll start by keeping up with my FFAW group.
      The last two days have been far better. We’ve placed a small bird bath on the balcony and it’s cheeful to watch and listen.
      Thanks for your suppot,


    • Thank you, Charles. I’m told I’ll be recovering for several more months. This has to do with my severe osteoporosis and previous issues. If I could knock out the depression, half the battle woud be won but…
      I tried my lap desk but…the weight is to much for my leg to hold right now.
      Let me pass by your blog this week. I won’t comment but at least you’ll know I’ve been there.
      Miss you


      • Good luck and I hope it takes less time than they say. The depression is definitely one of the bigger obstacles. I’d suggest voice recognition software, but that stuff isn’t cheap and can be a little frustrating at times.


  2. I am so sorry to hear about your injury. Yes, I am pretty far behind on WordPress. I certainly understand how depression can be an awful side effect of such a serious fall. I hope your recovery speeds up and the therapy gets easier. Its so hard to not be able to do the things you want to do.
    Sending healing thoughts your way.

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    • Thank you, Ruth. I’m working hard on the depression – it’s a constant battle, that.
      Yes, at 66 I wasn’t expecting this so it’s been difficult to adjust to being unable to live life as usual…my husband is 75 so it’s been hard on him and he’s been so caring and attuned to my needs. Sometimes I feel guilty. That’s a throw back, right? From being raised by mothers in the 50’s! And I have all this Southern Lady stuff going on inside besides.
      I’m so glad you passed by again.


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