Just Because – A Love Poem

I am not recovering from my injury all on my own.  A lot of my recovery – if we count laughter and charm and effort and knowing someone is hoping right along with you…well a lot of my recovery has been at the hands of my loving husband.  I haven’t been an easy patient/wife.  My effin Cajun has come – more than once or twice – to the surface.  But…thank the gods I still feel like writing a love poem here and there.

Thanks to Ben Torode Photography  for this kitten photo.

Just Because

I want those times back
when you could squeeze me tight
without the thought
of bones
brittled by life
and genes
and everything else
beyond one’s control.

I want to lose a clothespin
and be able to crawl under the bed
where your sweet lips await
my giggle and a kiss
and no cracking sounds
to echo the lifting of my body
next to yours.

Let’s try that
one more time
a squeeze and a crawl
a curtsy
and a bow
a giggle
and a kiss just because.


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