Decadence – Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  So grateful to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  This week’s photo prompt is provided by

When I first saw this photograph I was certain I couldn’t come up with anything.  Then, my husband and I made a fresh cherry pie.

Here’s the photograph and my story.  Please follow lil froggy for more stories.


I have always been of the belief that we must choose our decadent moments gracefully.

For instance, it’s Sunday afternoon.  Our daughter,  Cici, and her husband are over for supper. I ‘ve hurried Cici into the kitchen to help me with some finishing touches.

“Cici would you make a chocolate dipping sauce for the strawberries?”  I ask?

“Sure thing, Mom.  Where’s the chocolate?”

I open the spice cabinet and point my cherry pie dipped finger in the direction of the top shelf.

Cherry pie.  I smile.  Chad, my husband, loves cherry pie. Chad always likes his pie plain.  I like my pie with a thick layer of Cool Whip.  My daughter likes strawberries dipped in chocolate.

A few moments later I hear Cici cursing under her breath. “Oh Mom! Look at the mess I’ve made trying to microwave the chocolate!”

“That’s lovely,  Cici!   Just bring that on over to the table,” I say. “We’ll crisp it over the berries and the pie and top it all with this Extra Creamy Cool Whip I’ve been wanting to try.”


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