Love vs An Earthquake Or Two – Journal Entry


Oh!  This photograph.  I was still living in New Orleans when this particular earthquake hit the Bay Area.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to be sure we are ready for an earthquake or, god knows, what else. I spent my whole life, before I moved here, preparing for hurricanes or some sorta bomb catastrophe.

When I fell and injured myself last year and strangers came to live with us 24/7 to care for me and I didn’t have any effin control over my life, that wonderful emergency earthquake stash of food and clothes and water was put back into shelves and closets and other places I’m still discovering. The metal box, holding our important papers, was put into storage with the pots and pans. Why? Who knows? Because it’s metal maybe?

Who thinks about such things as earthguakes when one is dealing with healing bones and realizing that life is forever changed? Well, not us until this morning when..ooops…a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on around here.

I know. I know. Why the hell would I move from an area of the country where we have at least 8 hours to evacuate for a hurricane to a place where an earthquake can hit at any second?


So…we spent an hour or more today preparing, once again, for an earthquake. I feel better. If it comes while I am sleeping I have my clothes ready at the door. A couple days of water and canned goods. Meds for a couple of weeks. I’m still searching for my tarot card deck I use when I travel and my worry beads.

If we don’t die or a redwood tree doesn’t fall on our car so we can’t get away and if nothing else horrible  happens, we’re all set. That’s a comfort to me.

When I read this back to you and I came to the part about being prepared being a comfort to me, you said you finally understood why it was important to me to be ready for an emergency.

I’ve prepared for both of us and our birdies.  You will thank me when you’re feasting on smoked oysters and rye crackers 😛

Until some tomorrow,


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