Once Upon A Bed Again – When Chloe Glowed Golden (Fiction)

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  So grateful to PJ for hosting this weekly challengeThis week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Goroyboy!

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Here is the photograph and my story:

This is a story featuring my children’s book thingy maybe and its main character, Chloe.  Tentatively titled Once Upon A Bed Again.  I’ve posted most of the stories on this blog.  Here’s a new one:

When Chloe Glowed Golden

One evening, when I was babysitting my two grandchildren and one of them had lost a tooth that very day,  the bedtime conversation was about tooth fairies.  Fairies in general,  really,  and the importance of believing in them.

I thought this a good time to bring up my own experience with fairies.  Well.  One fairy in particular.  My childhood bedroom fairy,  Chloe.  She slept in a dew drop near my window sill.

“Sometimes she’d sit on my thumb,”  I said.  “She was no bigger than a tiny blinky Christmas light.  At these times,  all around us glowed golden.  Chloe – that was her name – would flit here and there sprinkling tiny glittery stars and hearts all about.”

“Those moments were magical.”  I was tucking blankets and sheets all round my precious grand-kids.  “Nothing can really describe them.”  And they nodded knowingly.


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