When Mysteries Were Exciting – Flash Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.    Thanks to PJ for hosting our gathering and to our mysterious photographer.  Please click lil froggy for other stories.

Here is the photo and my entry for this week:

When Mysteries Were Exciting

We sit here again. Each in a downy winged back chair. Just in front of the french windows. Outside lies the village. It is neither large nor small. A facade of walls behind which private moments, such as these, unfold.  The scent of kumquat blossoms drifts into the room.

You: Tell me the story behind your eyes just now.

Me: Mysteries used to be exciting.

It is the noon hour. A bright sun struggles its way into the alley’s curves and blind spots.

You: Was that recently?

Me: Do you mean the mysterious or the exciting?

You: Either.

Me: Oh! That was very long ago.


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