The Face Of A Hero

We’re in Santa Clara County in California.  We have been mostly inside for almost a week now.  We don’t like to admit it but we are two of those older people who are supposed to stay inside except for short walks.  Flattening the curve.  I guess we won’t know if that is working for a few more weeks.

We had to order our grocery a week ago to get it delivered today but…it was shopped and delivered by this really awesome woman.  We chatted, on text, the entire time she was shopping.  She has four children and is sanitizing her hands at every turn.  I told her she was a hero.  Definitely my hero.  Out there on the front line shopping for my grocery and possibly exposing herself to this virus?  When she delivered the grocery she was just such a wonderful human being.  I wanted to hug her but – the six feet thing and all so I didn’t.

A girlfriend of mine has a son who is an EMS person.  He’s working extra shifts and was screening, at one point, passengers at the San Francisco Airport.  I told her to tell him, for me, that he is a hero.  A real hero.

You just never know when you’re gonna meet a hero.  It’s pretty rare.  I’ve met two.  And I just can’t get this song out of my mind.

Stay well and wash yer hands!


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