New Orleans/Mountain View Courtship – (April A-Z M/N)

This was composed for the 2016  A to-Z April Challenge. I thought I’d make my April A-Z challenge some sort of autobiography.

Here are chapters M & N:

french-quarter-557461_640New Orleans/Mountain View Courtship

So, I met this fantastic man on the internet…I was almost 50, he was almost 60.  So we started courting.  He’d fly to New Orleans and I’d fly to Palo Alto…some  suburb I’d never heard of near San Francisco…surrounded by redwood forested hills.  A half hour from the Pacific Ocean.

I wasn’t sure I liked it there.  The French Quarter is cement and bricks, too, but everything is so old and I know the history because my family is connected to it and I’m not quite sure what a proton is because I’d filed that into a file in my brain I was certain I’d never have to open again and,

somewhere around there,  you asked me to marry you and I said yes…I’d move out to California with you – you had two children living here, I’d never had kids plus the job field was scarce, in New Orleans,  for atom smashers/engineers  and I could be a secretary/poet anywhere – so I said okay to California, and that I hoped you’d be able to find us an apartment with some grass and trees around it.

The last time you visited New Orleans – before I moved out here – we were cuddled together on my futon.  A mule-drawn carriage was passing by.  Hooves upon cement echoing through the french doors and all round my studio.  Click-clack.  Click-clack.

We’d spent so many peaceful slow days together in New Orleans.  We both knew the different life paces we lived.  Click-clack.  Click-clack.

“You’re going to miss this sound,” you whispered.

I don’t really miss that sound..see,  if the mule shit, out front my gate on a hot, sunny, mid-July afternoon, it smelled pretty bad …pretty fast.

Or maybe you were just being romantic and wondering and hopeful.  Sounds are romantic.  It rains a lot in New Orleans…rain drops led to long, lazy afternoon naps.

And you did find the grass and the redwoods and bamboo and our balcony overlooks the last empty wild lot in town…where we’ve lived all these years in our tiny condo.    in mountain view – a suburb near san francisco.

The wild grown lot will soon be developed.  The redwoods will remain almost all round us.  We laugh a lot.  We argue.  Sometimes we don’t agree.   That’s was the hardest part.  To just not agree and get on with loving.

Click-clack.  Click-clack.


ps..cuz of my arm, i prolly won’t post again for a few days…i want to spend time visiting other blogs, and I can’t do both.

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The Internet & All That Jazz – April A-Z (I)


The Internet & All That Jazz

😦  i’m sorry i can’t be here so much right now.  my broken arm is really upsetting so many levels of our life.   over supper and champagne, we recall the importance of the letter ‘I’ in our lives.  Our faces ache from smiling.

My arm doesn’t hurt.   I’ve come to record this…

We’ve been married 15 years now.  You 10 years after a 17 yr marriage and me a few years after a 25-year marriage …others we’d met and dated since we were ‘suddenly single’, but…  what drew us to each other was our refusal to give up on love.

i was almost 50.  i was living in the new orleans french quarter.  louisiana.  i’d lived there, or near there since the day i was born.  you were 60.  you lived in palo alto, ca, and grew up in los angeles, ca.

sometimes, the world is so much smaller than one could ever imagine.  sometimes the heart’s hopeful whisper aches for attention.

our introductory internet text conversation:

me:  (after discovering what was proper to ask) so what do you do?

you:  i’m a nuclear physicist.

me:  (oh brother, yeah…right)  you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a conversation with me.

you:  (just as though you hadn’t noticed my slight)  what do you do?

me:  (this probably won’t go over so well but here goes) i’m a poet and a  secretary.

and here we are…15 years later.  married.  who we said we were…seeking the softer ground of acceptance – just like any other married couple…i think, anywayz.


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A Beautiful Moment In Time – A-Z Challenge

This is from ‘An Autobiography Of  A Poet’ and was composed for the 2016 A to-Z April Challenge. I thought I’d make my April A-Z challenge some sort of autobiography.

Here is Chapter A:

One afternoon after work, I heard its call. It sounded like an injured squirrel. I called to you and we headed outside to our garden. At first, there was silence. But then came the sound again. We followed it to the most magnificent sight – a Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot was perched in our garden!  It seemed scared.

We moved our parakeets from ’round their cage (they were already free flying) and took their cage outside. Our neighbors gathered near. Some rushed home and came back with wild birdseed. We sprinkled the seed into the cage. Eventually, the bird entered the cage.

Long story short… we kept the bird for two years. Since we didn’t know it’s gender, we named it Girlie Man.   How beautiful a time that was for us…to see how gentle this huge bird was with our tiny parakeets. They were all free flying.

Eventually, another couple adopted Girlie Man. We’d kept her/him for two years until a new neighbor complained about the morning and evening squawking.

An amazing learning experience…nothing beats having an Amazon Parrot join you ‘on’ the dinner table.