Flirting With The Moon – Preface


Flirting With The Moon  – Preface

Sometimes the past fades. There seems to be no future. The now creates no words. That is why my people set aside the story caves. Long ago, during quiet days, some would walk with the older ones from the village to the caves. They would sit with the symbols all around them and above them and within them. The older ones shared stories – much like the women shared recipes.  A little less here.  A little more there. Until, in time, each story began to remain constant. They became as journey stones to the traveler. Some were markers along the way.

My people believe that everything created has a story. Some of us know the stories better than others.  We all know the stories about what brought us to Alta and the stories of those who branched out and far away.  Each one carrying our story.  Until, eventually, Alta became a memory of time and place.

Some of us know special stories.  My name is Ciel.  I know the stories behind the stars and the planets and all that’s held in the sky. Behind the clouds. Hiding from the sun. Flirting with the moon.  I’d heard the stories many times so, when they were given me to pass on, I did so. And I wrote the old stories down.  Everything went into an old binder kept on the coffee table.  Some of us formed a sacred story circle..  We still meet, now and then. These are our stories.


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