Prom Night – 1969 (Fiction)

My submission for a piece of writing no more than 400 words about the word ‘escape’  I didn’t write as many words this week, but I’m satisfied with the piece.   More pieces can be found here at Literary Lion.  Thanks for offering this challenge!

I am so joyful about the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage decision that I couldn’t help but write this piece. gay_pride

Prom Night, 1969

We didn’t talk about it much in those days. So, when Tony didn’t want to kiss me good-night after our prom date, I thought it was something about me. Maybe I had bad breath. Maybe my false eye lashes were drooping off in the New Orleans humidity.  He was so damned perfectly cute, and so was I.

It wasn’t until today, when the Supreme Court voted for gay marriage and I saw Tony’s picture plastered on the front page of the Times Picayune – holding a gay pride flag and kissing some guy smack on the lips – that I realized it never had been me.


That Thrill of Swooning – Poem for a Prompt

There’s a random prompt going on over at:  Prompt is:  the first time.  I think I’ve finished my entry.  Goes like this:

That Thrill of Swooning
Perhaps my belt
was cinched a bit too tightly
or afternoons in July
down South
are just too hot and humid
and ripe.
I can’t be sure exactly
what is was
about the first time
I felt your arms around me
– your lips close enough to kiss.
Even the salty breeze was breathless.


Baby Boomers Be Damned (A Social Protest Poem)

Baby Boomers Be Damned
That’s the new hate wagon
some people have jumped on lately.
But trust me
the only thing different
is fresh hay
has been put
in an old wagon.
How abnormal it would be
if the present generation
thanked past generations
for anything
except the right
to complain
about past generations!
Carry on!
I enjoy
and have participated
in my fair share of
growing pain antics.
Once you’ve finished whining
go out and make
the sorts of differences
us damned Baby Boomers
have made.
We double dare you.


You Can Stay Up For One Song…


The Beatles

What?  One song and then to bed.  Followed by mass protests throughout our home…sobbing and wailing.  Come Sunday night, we could keep the TV on later than usual and watch the entire Ed Sullivan Show.  That just goes to show you that 5 kids outnumber 2 parents – sometimes.  I truly believe my parents forever cursed that night and The Beatles and the fact that all of their kids were Baby Boomers.

Take a peek at the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!!!



About those boxes…yes, the ones you’ve just brought out from the closet and placed around my desk.  I didn’t think there were so many.  I must have been practicing downsizing or retiring for several years.  If some of it didn’t have my name and personal info on it, I’d just say toss it all. What?  Today?  No, not today!  It took two years to get those boxes out from the closet.  How can you even imagine I’d go through them by day’s end?  What?  I don’t know…sometime between now and our dinner party next weekend.