Gardens Are Like Pressed Flower Memories


When I first moved out here to be with you – before we even married – we had our first disagreement.  It was over a Stefanotis plant.  You became impatient in the garden shoppe. That was 14 years ago.  This afternoon, we both were stunned to see it with more blooms than any other year.  Late in the evenings, with the balcony door opened, a breeze will carry its wonderful scent (like jasmine) into our living room

creeping charlie

And this Creeping Charlie.  The last hanging basket we bought.  You no longer become impatient at the garden shoppe.  Just this afternoon, as we walked below our balcony you said…”Look how nice our hanging baskets look today!”  I know, from my 63 years of living on this earth, that men do like gardens.  Even balcony gardens…and we kissed as we passed under the creeping charlie.



One Of Those Lost April Afternoons – Balcony Pictures, Yay!

our balconyWe think we have the balcony done!  All praise and glory be!  We’ve both taken some photographs.  I’ll add those here – if it works out.

our balcony 2We’ve sat on the balcony writing and reading /or blogging and/or napping.  One of those lost afternoons one hopes to never find quite the same again.

our balcony 4How lovely is spring just after winter has subsided once again – or not!

(over the years, you’ve built the benches….you throw the stoneware pottery pots at the studio)

Until laterz,


Calling All Hummingbirds!

Nice day so far.  Time to start thinking about getting our balcony garden pruned and repotting some ferns.  We headed on over to the nursery for potting soil and coconut fiber hanging basket liners.

Then I saw the hanging basket of red Impatiens. So those went to the check out hut.  We walked around a bit and found a wonderful hummingbird feeder:

that looks something like this photo.  A red old-fashioned looking etched bottle.  In our area, we have Anna hummingbirds…

They live – all year – in the redwood and eucalyptus trees around our condo building.  Their chirping is so sweet!  Sometimes they linger at our feeder – oink!  So I think they’ll like the addition of a new one.  And so will we!  I know the basket of red Impatiens will attract them.

In about an hour, we’ll meet your daughter for supper.  She’ll fly back to Copenhagen this week-end.  Nice,small, quiet Mexican place.  I forget what part of Mexico the owners are from but…the food is like no other around here.

Think hummingbirds and spring!  Laterz…