A Wild Production – Journal Entry/Video

We are still nest watching  Free Happy Smile emoticon Three times a day we put a small amount of seed on our balcony railing.  The mommy and daddy bird prance all around the place while we debate the fact that they can’t be fed so much that they forget how to forage…into which you, once again,  project the fact that so many wild birds are starving.    Sigh.  And then you take this video  One can see the mommy bird pecking and the daddy bird watching from the pool fence.

We are facing a stressful week.  I’m glad we have this lil nesting family to distract us.


A Beautiful Moment In Time – A-Z Challenge

This is from ‘An Autobiography Of  A Poet’ and was composed for the 2016 A to-Z April Challenge. I thought I’d make my April A-Z challenge some sort of autobiography.

Here is Chapter A:

One afternoon after work, I heard its call. It sounded like an injured squirrel. I called to you and we headed outside to our garden. At first, there was silence. But then came the sound again. We followed it to the most magnificent sight – a Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot was perched in our garden!  It seemed scared.

We moved our parakeets from ’round their cage (they were already free flying) and took their cage outside. Our neighbors gathered near. Some rushed home and came back with wild birdseed. We sprinkled the seed into the cage. Eventually, the bird entered the cage.

Long story short… we kept the bird for two years. Since we didn’t know it’s gender, we named it Girlie Man.   How beautiful a time that was for us…to see how gentle this huge bird was with our tiny parakeets. They were all free flying.

Eventually, another couple adopted Girlie Man. We’d kept her/him for two years until a new neighbor complained about the morning and evening squawking.

An amazing learning experience…nothing beats having an Amazon Parrot join you ‘on’ the dinner table.


They Own Us…


Real Life

Our parakeets.    You built them a perching tree out of Manzanita and  Eucalyptus branches from which they make important flock decisions concerning when to buzz dive us.  They love our taste in music.  You’re used to having children.  I’m used to having dogs.  We compromised.

I may post my bread pudding recipe.  I’ll include the Hard Sauce recipe, too.