Things We Think Don’t Need Anymore

Since my internet (computer sorta) strike began – blame Stable Genius Trump news – I’m using these reference books again.  And my old manual typewriter.  And handwritten notebooks.   And layers of Post-It Note corrections.  I feel 20 years younger!

Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Don’t know how long my internet strike will last.  I’m giving myself 5 minutes a day. LOL.  I am on Second Life (a virtual world) , though. I look 40 years younger there!  Let me know if you’d like to meet up there and I’ll try to figure out how we can do that.



Books I’ve Escaped Into This Year – Prose & A List

book-1421097_640Well this has turned into a rather long entry for me but…I’ll go ahead with it.

Maybe people wonder what a poet reads.  Well, I worship my Kindle.  Because of my vision issues, it’s allowing me to continue reading.  That’s such a gift…reading.

I think my frame of mind more or less dictates what I read.  And then, depending on where my frame of mind takes me, I might read close to everything that author’s written…

Sometimes I don’t even finish the book.  Since I don’t consider myself a book connoisseur, I haven’t included those books on my list.

I pretty much live to love and write and read…in that order.  I have a daily writing schedule.  It’s an hourly thing.  Not a page thing.  About four hours a day writing and/or editing.

Other stuff, of course, gets in the way – the toddlers we watch some mornings, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, friendships, step-kids, entertaining, walking, walking and the fitness gym thingy-poo.

Plus, ya know, I’m retired.  So sometimes I work in the balcony garden and sometimes I just sit on the balcony and don’t do an effin thing!

I’d like to do some book reviews.  I’ve started a few, but they just weren’t the way I want to present my thoughts on books I’ve read.

I guess, in the end, I’m continuing to read the authors I’ve read so far this year and hoping that they continue to produce more work.  And I guess that’s a good book review.  I give them all a galaxy 😛

So here goes…books read so far in 2016

Currently Reading:
Amy and Isabelle: A Novel
(Elizabeth Strout)

What I’m Reading When I Can’t Sleep After I’ve Finished Reading For The Day
Lily of the Mohawks: The Story of St. Kateri
(Emily Cavins)
The Bible …Especially Psalms

Here’s The Six Month List:

The Burgess Boys
Olive Kitteridge: Fiction
(Elizabeth Strout)

Everything I Never Told You
(Celeste Ng)

The Little Stranger
Tipping The Velvet
The Night Watch
The Paying Guests
(Sarah Waters)

Beneath the Shadows
(Sara Foster)

While You Were Mine
(Ann Howard Creel)

Elizabeth Is Missing
(Emma Healey)

A Memory of Violets: A Novel of London’s Flower Sellers
(Hazel Gaynor)

Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged A President & Fueled His Greatness
(Joshua Wolf Shenk)

Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings:  A Novel
(Stephen O’Connor)

What Alice Forgot
(Liane Moriarty)

The Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence, and Articles of Confederation  (never hurts to know for sure)
(Founding Fathers)

When I was recovering from my broken arm I went through a time of reflection about healing and that somehow lead me to read lots of books about Mary of Magdalene.

(Angela Hunt)
Mary, Called Magdalene
(Margaret George)
Mary Magdalene: A Novel
(Diana Wallis Taylor)

Because Sometimes I Like A Good Historical Romance Series:
The Laramie Series
Books 1-6
(Karen Hasley)

Books We’re Reading To Each Other On The Balcony:
Henry & June
(Anais Nin)

I really have loved all of these books and the places they’ve taken me and the characters they’ve introduced me to and – some nights – the dreams they’ve brought me.


image via Pixabay

Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A – A Review of a Poetry Collection

Are you wondering how to spend a lazy spring or almost spring afternoon? My advice would be to read the poetry collection Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A – now available at

There is the Lone Poinsettia – by Kirsten -just a beautiful full circle going on here.  Spring Sings…carries the reader away from winter and snow. Pamela’s Winter Winds can almost be felt in the bones – warmed by cocoa and escaped with the help of a favorite book!

Anyone who would like to read poetry about the seasons of nature and life and love will enjoy spending time curled up near a final fire glowing in the fireplace or on the balcony hoping for spring reading this collection.

Wondering what all those different forms of poetry are all about?  This is the book for you!  Fantastic forms and – at the end of the book – definitions!

A little hopeful collection of poetry goes a long way. Thank you, Pamela and Kirsten, for sharing your work. This one has truly appreciated your efforts.


Love At The End Of The Day…

There was a “thunk” against our door – late into this evening.  You opened the door.  I don’t wish to imply that you are odd or I am odd or we are odd 😛 but it seems you have ordered the book  If I Ran The Zoo by Dr. Suess and that I have allowed you to read the first part of it to me – aloud and showing me pictures.  I ask you what you plan to do with this book…you claim you will read it to someone who comes here one day. You can’t seem to get the possibility of grand kids off your mind. I love you, sweetie.  You’re so damned sweet 😛   I just can’t help myself sometimes.


*you have a comment to make about this entry – it’s rare but you have one and I shall post it:

Me:  Is this an honest description of you – that you can’t get grandkids off your mind?

You:  No.  I have other kids to play with now.

Us:  LOL!

It’s a nice book, honey.  The cover is nice and red.  Red is your favorite color…