While Waiting For The Atmospheric River

Santa Clara County, CA – Shelter-in-Place Week9

Weather forecast calls for an Atmospheric River for our general area between yesterday and Tuesday. We’re due a total of 0.03 inches of rain.ūüėā¬† I can’t help it…coming from New Orleans,¬† I would expect more rainfall during something called an Atmospheric River.¬† But, we’ll take all the rain we can get and it gives us something to think about besides the pandemic.

Partly over the weather forecast and partly because I wanted to smile today¬† ( while waiting for this weather forecast to materialize)¬† we’re watching ‘Singin’ In The Rain’…¬† take a few minutes to watch pure bliss unfold.¬† I mean, what else do you have to do? And who else remembers tap dance lessons?

Ellespeth  ♥

Ancient Stories – Some Diary/Prose

Grant Grove

Reading the news today.  Forest fires encroaching on ancient Sequoia redwoods southeast of us.  Some of the trees are over 3,000 years old.  Some say these sorts of trees are used to fires.  Some agree but bring up the fact of our 4 year drought.  Fewer contained fires.

I hope and pray the firemen are able to contain this fire before it reaches Grant Grove.¬†¬†¬† It’s a sacred place.¬† It whispers ancient stories.

My Louisiana is losing ancient trees too.¬† The cypress tree covered with moss and sometimes it’s branches white with egrets roosting for the night. These swamps – whispering ancient stories.

My husband rolled his eyes at me when I stood in the middle of our living room and began to dramatically recite a poem by Joyce Kilmer – so close in my heart.¬† I remember – though I don’t remember what grade I was in – having to memorize and recite this poem in front of the class.¬† I’ll put it here because trees should be immortalized like this more often.

Trees – by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Call me corny but that – in my opinion – is beautiful.

Pray for Grant Grove and our firemen and the families in the path of this ‘Kings Canyon’ fire.


Last Night I Dreamed – Fiction

 Time for another installment of   Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below. Click on the froggy link (after this piece) and come join us!

We need some rain here in California.  The world needs its people to conserve this precious resource Рwater.  So here goes this:

faucet-21-224x3001Last Night I Dreamed

It hadn’t rained in months and I was convinced it would never rain again.¬† We were using bath water, already shared,¬† on our balcony plants.

And then I dreamed I was back on the bayou hosing down Grandma’s¬† carport.¬† It was raining cats and dogs but shell roads dry fast, and Grandma wanted that carport hosed down so people didn’t track dust inside all day.¬†¬† A thin sheet of tin covered the carport.¬† The sound of rain, hitting the tin, was magical.

I woke up crying and thankful for the wet taste of salt on my lips.


PHOTO PROMPT ‚Äď ¬© Madison Woods

Birds Don’t Like Earthquakes & Neither Do I !!


our sweet birds

3AM or so this morning:  loud tweeting comes from the living room where the birds are in their cage for the night  They were much too upset to let out the cage.  They may have injured themselves.  We figured it was a small earthquake.  After half an hour, they calmed down and we went back to bed.  Maybe they were still feeling aftershocks because they fretted for an hour or so after that even.

3PM or so this afternoon:¬† I’m reading the news.¬† Yikes!¬† At about 3AM, there was a 6.0 earthquake about 90 miles north or here that was felt 200 miles south.¬† Oh my good gawd!¬† We didn’t feel it but the birds did.¬† They pick up on the slightest shaking of their sleeping cage.¬† Sigh.

It happened in Napa Рin the wine country.  100 or so injuries and property damage.  Looks like some brick facades fell off some of the historic buildings.  Insides of some homes look pretty shaken up.  Broken barrels of wine and bottles of shattered wine.

UC Berkeley is bragging about their earthquake warning device giving a 10 second warning of ‘light shaking’.10 SECONDS!¬† You say that’s better than nothing and better than in the past. Oh well.¬† Yay!¬† I guess ūüė¶

I’m very thankful that this wasn’t worse than it could have been.¬† Still and all…at least, in New Orleans, we knew days in advance that a hurricane was approaching.¬† Time to decide what to do or not to do, etc.¬† I don’t consider 10 seconds a warning and that’s one reason I don’t like living in California!¬† So there!


Project Travel – For Belinda

This is for Belinda of¬†Busy Mind Thinking. ¬†She’s asked to see where her WordPress family lives…

Hi ¬†Belinda ‚ô•¬† I live in Mountain View, Ca – about half an hour or so south of San Francisco – in the heart of Silicon Valley. ¬†We are about 45 minutes, or a nice drive (over some hills and through redwood forests), ¬†to the Pacific Ocean. ¬†There are wonderful foothills surrounding us – great redwood forests and fantastic hiking. ¬†It’s lovely and green and hilly here. ¬†In the hills, near us about mid-way to the ocean – there actually is an Alice’s Restaurant!

I had to come back and put this picture – above – in for y ou… Alice’s Restaurant!

our balcony viewThis- above Р is the view from our condo balcony.  Redwoods and one of the few remaining empty parcels in the city.  Very lovely and peaceful

Above is the general area.

This ¬†– above – is Shoreline Park. ¬†We walk there several times a week. ¬†Lovely little lake with paddle boats and a cafe. ¬†Paths leading to the Bay. ¬†It’s a bird sanctuary sort of place – a gazillion kinds of migrating birds all year. ¬†You can see the foothills and these surround our area.

Another Shoreline Park one I thought would make you smile!

Above is Google. ¬†Mountain View is home to Google. ¬†Aren’t we the lucky ones? ¬†LOL! ¬†Facebook headquarters are about 15 minutes away. ¬†Oh joy ūüėõ ¬†Yahoo, Intel, etc.

Above is our downtown street – Castro Street. ¬†We can walk there to the cafe for coffee and to the farmer’s market and one of the few remaining bookstores in our area!

Above is ¬†Stanford Law School. ¬†I’ve recently retired from there. ¬†I was an admin there. ¬†It’s about 15 minutes from us – just up the street towards SF.

This is SF Haight Ashbury area…we hang out there several times a month for a coffee and a lazy day.

Golden Gate Park…another hangout near Haight Ashbury.

I hope all is well with you, Belinda. ¬†I’ll try to catch up better tomorrow ūüôā ¬†Many ¬†hugs and well wishes and tons of smiles