An Afternoon After School – Flash Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring WritersThis week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!  Please click lil froggy for other stories.

Here is the photo and my entry for this week.

An Afternoon After School

I was a young girl then.

Each day, after school, I walked to my father’s shoe store and sat in the storage room and did my homework. I dreamed about my future.

The day Father received the red shoes, she appeared. My brothers rushed to serve her and compliment her. All the colors in the room were muted. Even her lovely silk dress and the noise of time passing were muted.

“I will take these red shoes,” the lady said.  She kicked up her heel and smiled down at my younger brother.

He offered to box and bag them for her.

“Thank you,  but no,” she said. “I want to wear them now. You can send these old shoes to me later.”

I think her lips were red, too. Her skin was like ivory. Her voice soft and sweet – just as I imagined mine would be one day.


Goddess of Wrecks and Old Green Studebakers – A Poem & A Story To Be

Goddess of Wrecks and Old Green Studebakers
I thought I heard
her calling
me at three
when everything rolled over
into the forest.
I felt her lift me up
into her bow
shaped strength.
Everything fragile
died that day,
but the radio kept playing.
It took a long time
to prune and turn
the cold and dry
to life again.


Thanks to So Many & Other Insights…

I am so thankful to – to me – so many…

I would like to respond to and update those who commented and/or liked my Ad Nauseam entry about the idiot HOA board member.  He attended the Thursday meeting.  I’m not sure what happened.   Perhaps it was because none of his supposed ‘following’ was there or because the rest of us just acted like we weren’t impressed or stressed about his email/previous meeting anger but…5 minutes into the meeting (luckily after he’d attended to make a quorum – lol) he walked out of the meeting.  A few minutes later, our property manager passed me his laptop opened to an email from ‘this person’ saying that he’d felt dizzy and had to leave.  I asked the property manager if it was entered into his minutes  before this idiot left – that we’d called a quorum 😛  The meeting was wonderfully productive…we made it through the entire agenda!

Of course, I feel badly – hoping that this person isn’t ill, etc.  On the other hand, I feel like an idiot for allowing a person I don’t even know to be so effective in controlling my emotions 😦  In the midst of all of this I had a sense of :  ‘This person is a bully.  I know this feeling from many areas of my childhood.  I don’t want to allow this person to take control of me in any way.”  In the end,  that’s exactly what I allowed this person to do 😦  It has taken me over two weeks to overcome my -whatever – fear of this person.

If there is one thing I can do – for myself – or strive to do is to overcome some deep fears I have of being controlled against my will.  I’m 62.  I need to gather all of my fearful parts together and take them and gently guide them.  I’m the adult now 😛

I’m not sure how far I’ll get in my WordPress Reader from my last time here.  I’ll try my best.  I’ve thought of many of you often and hope all is well…

Ellespeth  ♥

Purple People Eater

I’ve been thinking of this song lately. ..  You can click on the link (on the bottom of this post)

This song is like from the late 50’s.  My grandfather worked for a Savings and Loans on Canal Street, in New Orleans.  He and my Mimi lived on the third floor.  On the second floor was WTIX – the AM rock n’ roll station.  This song came out.  I heard they were giving away rubber Purple People Eater dolls at the radio station.  I was like 6  or 7.  So, of course, I NEEDED TERRIBLY ONE OF THOSE DOLLS.  We visited my grandparents – a few blocks away – and I immediately  proceeded to the radio station floor for my purple people eater doll.  Geez.  I slept with that rubber purple doll and eventually chewed off its horn.  LOL! And people wonder why us Baby Boomers are so – well – odd.  We went from this to the Beatles 😛


Pesky Childhood Allergies Revisited

You made the most lovely seafood chowder for lunch today. Your famous recipe:

one can of Trader Joe’s Clam Chowder
1 dozen large shelled shrimp (frozen)
half and half
mysterious spices

Pure yummy-ness! Until…
There it was! A reaction to shell fish I hadn’t had in over 50 years. And then only once and then after eating raw oysters. Huge itchy hives on my neck and upper chest and back. Hmmm… Since I’d also been cleaning the ‘cleaning closet’ I thought – perhaps – a spider bite. As the minutes pass you proclaim it not a spider bite. You have me take two different types of antihistamines and a long shower. You rub on some sort of hydrocordisone cream. Hmmm….You scientifically anaylze my entire day – what I ate, where I hiked, what I could remember touching.
“Are you having trouble breathing?” you ask.

“No. It was probably the shrimp or the clams,” I say.

“Your family told me you were only allergic to oysters,” you shoot back.

“Yes, shellfish,” I reply.

Hmmm…you say I’m to totally prepare to leave the condo for the ER- if necessary. Hmmm…

“Why are you dressed in black?” you ask me as I exit the dressing room.

“I want to look Goth-ish for the Kaiser ER doctor.”

You don’t find that amusing. Hahaha…All ended well. Three hours later here I am – sitting at my keyboard dressed like a vampire fan.  I’m sorry I scared you 😦

Moral:  Just cuz some allergic reaction only happened once – 50 yrs ago – doesn’t mean to let down your guard.  Be sure your spouse or partner or kids or co-workers know of any allergies you might have.


Easter Sunrise Service As A Child

I remember it was so early.  We started out walking and carrying lit candles around the block.  We went back into the chapel. There was Latin chanting.  Then the question: do you renounce Satan? The sun came up and we went home.  I had a terrible nightmare.  I attended a dinner party and Satan was a guest! On Easter Sunday morning – even as an adult –  I usually always wait for the sun to rise before I go to bed.  All the scary parts are over. Happy Easter.