Things We Think Don’t Need Anymore

Since my internet (computer sorta) strike began – blame Stable Genius Trump news – I’m using these reference books again.  And my old manual typewriter.  And handwritten notebooks.   And layers of Post-It Note corrections.  I feel 20 years younger!

Things We Don’t Need Anymore

Don’t know how long my internet strike will last.  I’m giving myself 5 minutes a day. LOL.  I am on Second Life (a virtual world) , though. I look 40 years younger there!  Let me know if you’d like to meet up there and I’ll try to figure out how we can do that.




My computer crashed.  I’m just up and running again day before yesterday.  I think it was a good thing not to rush out to buy a new one.  Since I don’t have a television and semi-boycott our local newspapers and get my news via several internet sources,  I missed the daily T-uck news.  Lovely to be back and running in time for next week’s episodes.

Then, just now, I saw this cartoon –


(created by Cynthia Sousa (@theamat) and Sam Machado (@samscenarist) and originally published on Cartoon Movement.)


Fans and Geeks

usb cooling1

usb port fad (hsd)

I know…who really cares about a heatwave hitting the SF Bay Area, right?  That’s fine.  Perfectly fine.  However…

You, in all your geekish nerdy glory, prance out of your study and down the hall and into  my work area.  “I totally forgot about these,” you say.  You are carrying a small box.  It holds several fans one can hook to a usb port on the keyboard.

Hahaha!  Priceless.  I really did marry a gadget man!

But wait!  OMG!  They actually work!  I feel a cool breeze.  I sense a snow storm about to take place.  I’m so hot I’m hallucinating. 😛   **Smoochies***