Beautiful Prison Bars – Flash Fiction

Time again for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.   Thank you, PJ, for sponsoring this and for all of your hard work on our behalf.  Please follow lil froggy for more stories.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jade M. Wong.

We are grandparents!  A baby boy!

Beautiful Prison Bars

On the day I professed final vows, my father commissioned to have a lead glass door and upper window designed and installed at the front of the convent building. The metal grill work was especially exquisite.

“How do you like those for your prison bars?” my father asked me once the work had been completed.

We were sitting at the first level bay window of the grand staircase. Below us, outside, the convent’s spring garden was just about to bloom into its fullest glory.

“I will sit here often and think of you,” I replied.

“You didn’t have to do this. You know that, don’t you? That I wish you hadn’t?” Father had always been so against me entering the convent.

“I will sit here often, in silence, and think of you,” I replied.

“I have a right to my opinion,” he said.

I nodded, in agreement, and let him have the last word.


Those Days I Go Crazy

Those Days I Go Crazy    (maybe a poem title, too)

Tomorrow is my self-proclaimed donut Monday! Have I ever said how much I love donuts? And that I have limited myself to one a month for over 30 years? Or that I tired of cronuts after having two? Or, just tonight…

Me: Oh! Tomorrow is donut day   (add a clap here)

You: What kind do you want?

Me: I’m not sure. I’ve read there is a new donut craze nowadays.   Do they have ‘new item’ signs at the donut store?

You: No

Me: Hmmm…ya never know, it could be healthier.

You: The only way it could be less healthy  is if they added arsenic.

Me: Hmmm…so what kind are you getting?

You: I like the fried apple fritters.

Me: Hmmm… (silent giggle)