Hollywood n’ Costco – A Poem for A Prompt

Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.”

Hollywood n’ Costco
Costco had a special on veal and pork.
I’m lookin’  at you
out the corner of my eye.
It’s called comfort food.
It’s called meatloaf
with mac n’ cheese.
Homemade if you please.
I’ll keep a plate warmed
just for you
Don’t try to fool me.
You love my meatloaf.
I’m watching you closely now.
The color of that dress shirt
sure looks good on you
from here.


The Pots & Pans Of Life

The French pots I’d had for decades were becoming too heavy.  Well traveled and well used pots.  Then there were your pots.  And your pan.  And then there was our one pot.  The pots never merged  into one family.  And it was complicated.  So I tried explaining that to you this morning.  And I was going to go out to buy a new set of pots.  Then suddenly you were coming with me.  You cook, too, and you wanted to have a say.  We headed to Costco.  To the pots and pans sale.  It always discourages you to see the size of a Costco grocery cart.  I always have to tell you we don’t have to fill it up.  And then there we were in front of  THE POTS!  What?  $699 and a sales pitch?  I’m devastated.  We turned into the nearest isle.  Whew!  There they were!  The sale pots!  A whole set of matching pots in all the perfect sizes.  You put the box in the shopping cart.  I couldn’t wait to get home to cook and be domestic.  Wow!  You insisted on keeping your pan.  You’re not sure you’ll be able to learn how to use the new pots.  Hmmm…