When We Make A Footprint – A Poem

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This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinnerr.

This isn’t really long enough 😦

When We Make A Footprint

When you’ve walked in my shoes  then
tell me not to hide
tell me about shame
tell me to remember
to forget.



Pendulums – A Journal Entry


I put this on private for a few hours, today, because I had to absorb yet…next chapter, same verse…

I hate election years.  I read the news more often.  Who said what about whom?  Do I believe it?  If I believe it how do I feel about  believing it?

And, because it’s an election year and I wanted to read about the non-ending of Emailgate, I saw an article about Louisiana.   My hone state.   Headline read something like: COPS KILL BLACK MAN IN BATON ROUGE.

I have all these sorts of questions going on for myself…where would we be without cops?  when someone is killed, does it matter what color their skin is?  racism exists on both sides of the fence.  when does the pendulum even out?


Enough To Make A Person Wonder

avila spain

Avila, Spain

Here is a comment I read, on a Washington Post article, about the Pope Francis vs Donald Trump dispute over walls.  It’s good for a chuckle and more than a passing thought:

7:45 PM PST
Someone might point out to the pope the vatican has a very high wall around it as well as the most restrictive immigration/illegals laws in the world.

And that’s where my thoughts are today.


Wanna Don’t Wanna


There’s a part of me that wants to read the daily news.  Maybe, just maybe someone I’m with might mention some current event that did not include – well, you know, at my age – problems with one’s adult children and the daily aches and pains of life.  Physical pain.  Not emotional pain.  Some seem to draw boundaries of what is acceptable conversation.

So there’s that part of me that wants to stay in touch with reality – just in case any one else is, and there’s that part of me that just wants reality to go away.  Take a vacation.  Cease to exist.

I just read the news.  As usual, these days, it’s not that great.  I’ve gone on news strikes before.  But…this is a big political year here is the United States.  Really…I’m already worn out with election news and the party candidates haven’t even been chosen.  And oh my to that!

It’s winter.  I want to hibernate.  Spring will come.   I don’t think the world needs my concern for the next few months.

That’s not a goal.  That’s just a thought I had while writing this.


Image from  https://pixabay.com/