Back To The Usual Laid Back Chaos

driving testYeehaw, and thank the driving spirit sitting on my shoulder this afternoon, I have once again passed my driving test!  It was raining, too!

I’m so glad I have a best friend almost as odd as I am.  We had a huge pre-test high fat late breakfast and headed to the testing station.  We were  still 90 minutes early.  I suggested we just try to get in and…they took me!  She and I celebrated with coffee.

Came home and you and I drank champagne and just smiled.  Life goes back to laid back chaos.  Yay!  I love laid back chaos!

I’ll know all the latest, about my arm, Wednesday.  It’s just feeling so much better though.  I’ll have to clobber  the first person who uses the word psychosomatic  😛

See everyone real soon now.


 image via pixabay

Simply A Best Day Ever Day

hands and artIt was a good day.  My arm should be rested and ready for further abuse in a couple of days. We spent the morning with babies and toddlers and wonderful awesomeness all round us!

This afternoon, you took me on another driving lesson.  We drove all around the DMV (renewal driving test next Wednesday, sigh)  and then we went to the wild bird store and the wooden toy store!  It was great!  Then  we came home and I finished coloring my doodle affirmation coloring page from a coloring book – see photo taken by himself.

See those tiny hand prints in the photograph?  Those are of the little girl we’ve been watching three mornings a week since she was 4 months old.  Now she’s almost two!  We watched her older sister (6) and older brother (4) too…just the sweetest family.  On school holidays and summers, we watch all three at once…yikes!  Tomorrow is one of those days.  But, hey, it’s only two hours.

I’ll sign off now…I want to be sure my arm gets good and rested.  I’m sorry I can’t be on lately.  Soon, though, I shall be magically well again 🙂


Sometimes I Feel Like A Wrung Out Rag

kitchen-691247_640I think I like this post title as, perhaps, a poem or a story idea. But now onto more important matters:

It’s been two years since my last license renewal. Because of my macular degeneration, I have to renew my license every two years and TAKE A FRIGGIN DRIVING TEST!

It’s not like I didn’t know this was going to happen but, wishfully, I wondered what I’d do if the state forgot about me. And you, Mr. Law Abiding Citizen, informed me that I’d have to renew before it expired…even if the state didn’t notify me 😦

Last time, I paid to take a driving course…even though I’ve been driving for 50 years. This year, instead of paying for a driving course, I am subjecting you and my best friend to driving all around the DMV office twice a week. This is week 2. Due to Google mapping issues, one of last week’s days was a disaster, so I had to have three days of driving the course. Then two this week and one more, next Monday, and then my driving test is next Wednesday.

If I don’t pass it, I’ll just keep taking it until I do – even if it means taking the driving test in some small California town…while on ‘vacation’.

My arm feels much better. I’m still resting it. I hope to back up and typing away in another day or two. For now I’m coloring pages from some doodle-like coloring book – positive affirmations and shapes and flowers. I feel like a flower child all over again. I’m working, long hand, on my letter outline for April’s A-Z Blogging challenge. I’ve decided on a theme of sorts and realizing that life happens and some days may be off-theme days.


 image from pixabay

Joy To The Gods That Be!

Because I am so absolutely certain that readers are sitting on the edges of their chairs wondering about the trials of a 62 yr old-somewhat retired-baby boomer hippie type with wet macular degeneration getting her friggin drivers license renewed:

Today was the final chosen day to renew.  I really couldn’t wait any longer without feeling somewhat silly.  It went this way:

This really nice lady took the medical form from my rentinal specialist which stated that my vision was ABnormal because I have been blessed with macular degeneration.  I watched her lips move as she read the completed form.  I heard her whisper ‘macular degeneration’.  She looked at me and back at the form.  She took the form to another really nice lady.  They talked amongst themselves.

The outcome is that I have a 90 day temporary license.  I have to take the driving test to show that I’ve compensated for the poor vision in my left eye.  So I do that on April 7 and then all will be approved.

I’m going to take a driving course.  I want to prepare.  I was so worried about the written test 😛  I didn’t even have to take it!!  We have the extra income from watching toddlers now and then in retirement.  I’m going to use some of that extra money to take a refresher driving course.  I’ll feel better on April 7.  I’ll feel prepared.  I mean we’ve all driven for years.  I know this.  But I don’t know about some of you but…I’m a safe driver but…I’d better take the course just to be sure I’m following ‘proper procedure, sir!’

So yea!  Ever since I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration – 8 years ago in my mid 50’s – I’ve been dreading this day.  So looks like I’ve wasted – altogether since I was diagnosed – at least a good 90 days worrying about this now and then.  Hmmmm….

I’m feeling happy.  I’m feeling joy.  I’m thinking this day in my life ended up as it should have but much better than I expected.  It’s difficult to deal with a chronic illness over which you have little control.  It’s difficult to be chipper, chin up and all that.  It’s difficult…but it’s not friggin impossible!!

And how sweet you were today changing our 20 mile trip so that we didn’t, after all, have to go on the freeway.  Yeah…I have these emotional issues and today set them free for a few hours.